Factsheet: Dating/Hookup Abuse and grounds intimate harm among Japanese and Pacific Islander youthfulness

Factsheet: Dating/Hookup Abuse and grounds intimate harm among Japanese and Pacific Islander youthfulness

An accumulation help and advice and information on dating misuse and erectile strike influencing API teens and youth

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Union Physical Violence in Five Los Angeles Asian American Towns: Intergenerational Threat and Improving Issue

This study examines risk and defensive elements in five Asian US towns: Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, North Indian Hindu, and Pakistani Muslim. These factors include cultural lifestyle, norms, attitudes and notions, specifically around gender functions, intergenerational family members characteristics, close commitments, and solutions to child-rearing. This study included 23 semi-structured attention farmersonly Hoe account verwijderen groups (163 total participants) to assemble the point of views of youth/young grown ups, folks, neighborhood forerunners, and companies in six various languages across the five communities.

Just how COVID-19 and endemic Responses include Impacting Japanese and Pacific Islander Survivors of home-based assault and Sexual strike

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This consultative describes the COVID-19 break out was having an effect on Asian and Pacific Islander (API) survivors of home-based brutality and erectile attack, and defines policies introduced to address the pandemic including the CARES work, and API and immigrant survivors eligibility for all the programming and treatments offered in the laws, along with the effects of using the companies. The Advisory in addition covers the result of organized feedback toward the COVID-19 problems together with the unique issues that API survivors confront that devices must account fully for to guide survivor safety via epidemic.

Basic facts & Stats Report: Domestic assault in Asian and Pacific Islander houses, 2020

Information from released and unpublished researches on occurrance of use, home-based assault, types punishment, perceptions towards residential physical violence, services getting attitudes and experiences, program application, health insurance and mental health outcomes, subjection to children brutality in youth, and domestic violence linked homicides. (suite…)